Why buy a franchise business rather than setting up yourself?


Why buy a franchise business rather than setting up yourself?

Setting up your dog walking or pet sitting business is exciting…. And scary! You love pets, and the idea of spending all day with animals sounds like a dream. And it is. But it is not without struggles, surprises, or a need for quite varied knowledge.

Loving dogs, cats, and small animals is an incredible foundation. But you also need to master marketing, terms and conditions, processes, legal responsibilities, client communications, and the animals themselves! What is it they say about never working with kids and animals? Yup, it’s because they’re unpredictable and don’t always play by the rules!

How do I start a pet sitting or dog walking business?
When you first decide to set up a pet sitting or dog walking business, you need to determine which services to offer. This may seem like a simple step, but without forethought about the logistics and the necessary paperwork, you can soon find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

As a pet care business, there are so many services that you can offer. From puppy visits to cat feeding, group dog walks to home boarding. Don’t forget pet taxi services, and one-to-one dog walks, or specialist exotic pet care. It can be tempting to market any and every kind of pet service, but when it comes to delivery, you may quickly find yourself overscheduled and struggling to juggle it all.

You want to deliver an amazing pet care service, and you want to help as many pets and their owners as possible. But somehow, before you know it, you’re heading for burnout, and your bottom line doesn’t nearly reflect all the hours you’re putting in. Joining a franchise means that you get expert help from experienced professionals who can help you skip the start-up mistakes, so your pet sitting business takes off with all paws flying in the right direction.

Is now a good time to set up a dog walking or pet sitting business?
There is a considerable increase in demand for pet services right now. With so many households having welcomed new puppies, dogs, and cats, there are many people in need of help with their pets. Whenever there is a recession, there is a surge of newcomers to the pet care industry. Which on the one hand is fabulous – follow your dreams and be happy in your work! But it does present a challenge for new pet businesses to stand out and win clients. One of the huge benefits of joining a franchise over starting alone is the existing brand, marketing support, and team’s shared experience.

A franchise with Pets Homes and Gardens involves no colossal upfront fee, and you only pay your monthly franchise fee when you’re earning.
Why buy a dog walking or pet sitting franchise?
When you buy a franchise, you are buying into a brand, which takes a long time and a lot of money to build. You are also saying yes to a support network, guidance from experienced pet professionals, and the confidence to launch successfully.

Perhaps the best part of buying a franchise rather than setting up alone is skipping the painful process of learning from your own mistakes. When you have the training, assistance, and help from pet industry professionals of over a decade, you don’t have to make a ton of mistakes to perfect your processes and practise.

Costs of franchise vs. setting up alone

It’s a common misconception that buying a pet sitting franchise is extortionate, and it’s cheaper to set up alone. There are some expensive franchise opportunities out there, but our setup fees are low. We don’t want start-up costs to be a barrier to you starting a successful pet sitting business. We want to start you on the path to a happy career with animals, with a family of support at your side to help you enjoy your new life.

In reality, there isn’t a massive difference between the start-up costs of a franchise with Pets Homes and Gardens and going it alone. However, being part of a franchise means that you will spend money only where necessary, on the things that will give you the best results.

When you work alone, there can be times when you feel quite isolated or overwhelmed. It’s fantastic being your own boss until you need support, then you suddenly wish you had a team around you to bounce ideas off or problem-solve with.

Imagine being faced with a difficult situation like a lost or injured dog, a vehicle breakdown, or a client who won’t pay, with no support network to turn to. Being able to discuss your struggles with an experienced pet sitter who completely understands and has the expertise to guide you will have you striding ahead, feeling confident and assured that you could handle any situation.

When you buy a pet-sitting franchise with Peter and Julie at Pets Homes and Gardens, you join a warm, friendly, and supportive team. You’re in charge of your own business, of course, but you have a little cushion of support that’s there whenever you need it. And that is a really wonderful feeling.