About us

The Pets, Homes & Gardens Company will help, train and guide you from start-up through to business success, growth and beyond.  This will give you increasing confidence to succeed with ease.

The Pet Sitting Franchise Story

Julie and Peter (pictured) were spurred on to begin their pet sitting and home care business over 20 years ago – a decision partly driven by frustration and partly by identifying a gap in the marketplace. As a family having a number of pets, they always found it to be a real challenge to find good quality pet sitting services when they'd go away on holiday.

How did it turn into the Pets, Homes & Gardens Franchise?

After building their own thriving business for several years, they saw the opportunity of launching a pet and home care franchise business, now built around their own successful blueprint.

“We decided very early on when putting our franchise package together, that we would offer the very best element of our own petsitting business; tips and strategies that we knew would guarantee success for any new joiners.”

Our values


We're open and honest with all our franchisees – nothing is hidden!


We are here to be relied upon and promise to respect all franchisees equally.


We focus a big part of our energy on the quality of training and support we provide.


All PHG franchisees are treated as family.