Exemplary Customer Service with Pets, Homes & Gardens


Exemplary Customer Service with Pets Homes & Gardens

At PHG we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and always have done. We treat the pets in our care as if they are our own and look after their owners houses too.

Recently we were asked to look after four rescue cats. There was nothing unusual in this as we look after lots of rescue pets. However, this time the owners told us they hadn’t been away as a family since they had rescued the cats. Their daughter was going to university and Mum and Dad wanted to go and support her and help her settle in. The booking ended up being postponed twice due to unforeseen circumstances, but on the third time, they were able to go away.

As this was the first time they had been away for many years, they were obviously anxious about leaving the cats. We tried our best to reassure them that we would look after them as well as we could. We’re pleased to say everything went very well the owners were extremely pleased with the service we offered. We sent photos and kept them up to date as to how the cats were.

Although the owners hadn’t asked us to, we actually vacuumed on the final day as some of the cats were long-haired. On the final day, the owners contacted us to ask if we could do an extra visit because they were going to be home much later than they anticipated. We offer this service if clients do get delayed. We even remembered to turn on the porch light in case it was dark when they arrived home. Here is their testimonial…

Thank you so much for looking after our 4 rescue cats so well whilst we were away. We came back to four very contented cats. You really went over and above and we will definitely use you again. A totally worry-free experience, we highly recommend."

All our franchisees in PHG go above and beyond many times when they are carrying out any kind of pet care, whether it be cat visiting, small animal boarding, dog walking and dog boarding and so on. We always offer a first class service to all our clients.