How our pet care franchisees address pet safety and security


How our pet care franchisees address pet safety and security

As a committed pet care franchise, we are dedicated to our four-pawed customer’s safety and enjoyment and your peace of mind. Our franchisees all have strict protocols and risk management strategies in place to keep the pets we look after safe and secure when they’re in our care.
Among our franchisees, we have pet sitters, dog boarding and dog day-care providers, and dog walkers. Each and every one of our franchisees have been trained and offered ongoing support to ensure that the pets they take care of are in the best hands possible.

How our pet care franchises keep your pets safe

Dog Boarding and Day-care Franchises Our dog boarding and dog day-care franchisees are licensed for the activities they undertake. In the UK, dog boarders and day-care services have to go through rigorous assessments by their local council in order to operate legally and in the best interests of the pets they care for.

This process covers risk assessments such as ensuring there are stringent health and safety protocols in place, making sure the dog’s physical and mental needs are taken care of and keeping the dogs safely contained from the risk of escape.

Many of our franchisees use a product called Dog-G8 to add an extra layer of security to their homes. Dog-G8 is quite a unique dog safety gate, which connects to your front door, ensuring whenever the door is opened, there is a dog safety barrier in place to reduce the risk of escape. This additional level of security can make all the difference, especially when deliveries arrive or clients pop by to drop off or pick up their dogs.

Our home dog boarders and day-care franchisees also ensure that their gardens are securely fenced and never leave dogs alone outside. The vast majority of dog theft occurs when dogs are left unattended, we know this and safeguard against it.

Dog Walking Franchisees

All of franchisees who undertake dog walking are fully insured and have emergency procedures in place.

Dogs are only let off lead once the dog walker is confident with their recall. Until then, we can use long lines to ensure dogs can have a good explore and enjoy their walks safely. Our dog walkers stick to sensible ratios of dogs to humans to give plenty of attention to each dog, which keeps the dogs happy and means there are eyes on them at all times!

Simple things make a big difference. Our walkers will check the fit of collars or harnesses to make sure the dogs can’t wriggle out of them, and all dogs will wear a tag with contact details as required by law.

Pet Sitter Franchisees

Our pet sitting franchisees offer cat feeding and small animal visits for when owners are away from home. But we don’t just take care of the safety and wellbeing of your pet; our ‘home safe and secure checks’ are all part of the service. If you’re away from home for any length of time, then having someone pick up the post, opening and closing curtains, turning lights on and off, and putting the bins out go a long way. We even water the plants to make sure they’re safe and well!

At Pets Homes and Gardens, we offer our home safe and secure checks to people without pets, too, so that everyone can benefit from the peace of mind and extra security of our services. Our pet care franchise works hard to deliver the highest level of care. Safety and security are a huge part of that and something we continually assess to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep your pets safe and your mind at ease.

If you’re considering setting up your own pet care service and would like the support that being a Pets, Homes, and Gardens franchisee offers, then you may be interested in reading more about the benefits here.