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Our Franchisees At Pets, Homes & Gardens

In five years of trading, the PHG business has really developed well. It has worked for everyone who has joined us and as we grow Pets, Homes and Gardens (PHG) the successes will also grow, you can become one of them, just call 01403 268282 to find out more!

Visit the sites of our pet sitting franchisees and see for yourself.

At PHG, we hear all the time the expression ‘where’s the catch’ but there isn’t one, we are honest and ethical people, who enjoy our business, which is helping people who love animals and want a flexible lifestyle, to start on the road to a better future. All this is backed with the ‘reassurance’ that a PHG franchise brings, and at really affordable costs!

Don’t take our word for it speak to our people who are out there doing it!