Peter and I recently undertook our annual ‘Northern Road Trip’ to visit all our franchisees based in the North of England. We started off at Wolverhampton, moved across country and down, visiting 10 franchisees in seven days finishing with Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire – phew!

We find these trips extremely beneficial for franchisees and us alike. It gives chance to give help and support in a face to face environment, rather than phoning, messaging or even skyping. We can also meet many of the pets being looked after too, even attending a home visit one day.

phg pets

I think the franchisees also appreciate the fact that we are willing to travel to see them when they live hundreds of miles away. We did cover over 1,000 miles that week alone!

With our other franchisees, who are based in the South, we usually cover these during a day visit, either one or two visits. We do have two in the South West and make a special trip once a year to see them too.

At the same time, we also use social media and film ‘live’ videos of our visits and we know these are very well received by our followers. People love to see it all ‘in action’ and seeing all the different franchisees and of course, all the pets.

Our franchise is rather like ‘a large family’ and everyone supports each other, both on a professional and a personal basis. We have a specific Facebook Forum where everyone can share their ideas, issues, challenges and successes.

If you would like to find out more about The Pets, Homes and Gardens franchise opportunity and to check if your area is available, please either call on 01403 268282 or email on