How many times do you hear people say they’ve been let down by friends or relatives when it comes to pet care for their holidays? It’s such a stressful time in the build up to going away, the last thing anyone needs or wants to have this setback.

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We in Horsham have had three enquiries in the last couple of weeks from people badly let down with only a few days’ notice. One was kennels only giving four days’ notice to an owner that they had kennel cough, yet the kennels had been infected for over a month! One was a neighbour who decided at the last minute it was inconvenient to look after someone’s cat for a week.

That’s the advantage of using a professional pet-sitter! All the franchisees at The Pets, Homes & Gardens Company pride themselves on reliability, trustworthiness and dependability. Many even take bookings for a year in advance and will not let owners down. If such an emergency existed, then alternative arrangements with another franchisee would be made.

These days, many pets have to take medication in one form or another. How many friends or relatives would be willing to administer this? Again, with a professional pet-sitter, they are used to offering this service, so another advantage.

PHG (Pets, Homes & Gardens) pet-sitters are also happy to ‘keep an eye on the house’ while owners are away if a visiting service is undertaken. These days with the need for vigilance in security, it’s reassuring knowing someone is visiting every day to take in the post or parcels, putting out the bins and generally keeping an eye for any problems such as leaks, etc as well as looking after their beloved pets in their own home.

As the name suggests, PHG (Pets, Homes & Gardens) also offers help in the garden with watering in greenhouses and pot plants either outside or in the home. One franchisee even mows the lawn while the owners are away!

Flexibility and adhering to the clients’ wishes are hallmarks of our professional company. Next time you go away, consider using a professional pet-sitting services such as The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company (PHG) and see if there is a franchisee in your area.