The Complete Pet & Home Care Franchise Business

Varied life of a pet-sitter

The varied life of a pet-sitter is shown in the story below. We have a regular pet-sit at a local smallholding.  This work has included a variety of animals that we need to look after in the time we have … Continue reading

A Little Green Jacket- Maisie’s Tale

  A little green jacket hangs in the cupboard downstairs.  It isn’t particularly special.  It isn’t a designer jacket.  It isn’t a new jacket but it is totally unique and utterly priceless.  It has served a purpose; in fact many … Continue reading

A Franchise with Pets, Homes and Gardens

Your success will be our success. We know that a ‘Pets, Homes and Gardens’ franchise works brilliantly, we have many people proving this, please see testimonials below and just look at the figures! We offer our package for your set … Continue reading