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About us at Pets, Homes and Gardens

When we started our pet sitting and home care business over sixteen years ago, it was a decision partly driven by frustration and partly by identifying a gap in the marketplace. As a family, we had a number of pets, and finding good quality pet sitting services when we went away on holiday was always, to say the least, a challenge.

about-us-picture2The idea of launching a pet and home care business providing a service that we would have wanted ourselves, came top of our list.  Such was the demand for our service from local pet and home owners that we soon realised that this type of business could either be taken at a gentle pace to accommodate the demands of maintaining a home and family, or could equally be treated as a fantastic full-time opportunity.

5 years’ growth

After growing our business successfully for five years, we began to talk about the prospect of launching a pet and home care franchise business, built around our successful blueprint. We had both amassed much knowledge about pets, together with the growing home and garden care aspect, the many do’s and don’ts, the legal complexities and other requirements that developing the concept into a franchise opportunity was our next logical step. And so The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company was born.

We decided very early on when putting our business together that we would offer the very best elements from franchising, to include initial training, the operations manual, website and marketing strategies and importantly, the essential ongoing support. However, would keep down the HUGE up-front fee, so people had money left to invest in their ongoing businesses.  See the Why Now page for costs.

    Why now is the right time to start your own pet business

    The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company will train, help and guide you from business start-up through to trading. We then follow and support you for your business life, enabling you to grow in confidence and to succeed.


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