When it comes to franchising, a lot of people immediately ask themselves the question: Why become a franchisee when you can just start a stand-alone business? Many people think it’s a lot easier to start a stand-alone business because by doing this you are not committing yourself to a certain way of running your business. We understand these are valid these points, however, there is also a lot to be said about the benefits of becoming a franchisee with the RIGHT franchise business.

Franchising is a proven business format. According to the British Franchise Association, ‘Around 92% of all UK franchisees reported profitability over the last 12 months.’ You are also part of a team all following the same system, therefore a collective responsibility is involved. Also, however, as you are buying into a business model with a proven record, you are not taking nearly as much risk as starting your own business from scratch.

In addition to this, the set up time is clearly much shorter and pain free if you are to become a franchisee. A franchisor assists in your set up process and from experience guides you along the route that will bring you the most success. As a stand-alone company, you have a blank page as your starting point and the process to get your feet off the ground can be a lengthy one. This can also involve a certain amount of guessing in terms of the most effective way of running your new business effectively.

If you join a recognised franchise, you can already be in the public eye. Public awareness is crucial in the running of your business and joining a franchise with an established reputation will save you the time and effort of certain marketing and other processes to put your business out into the public domain.

It is true that by being part of a franchise, to a certain extent, you do have guidelines, however, these guidelines are in place for a reason, because the franchisor KNOWS that they work. So through this process you will be guided by the franchisor in a way that has been proven to have worked in the past. Through this ongoing business support you will never need to go through stages of your setup blind, but with the assistance of someone that knows what will work best for you within this industry sector.

Providing you can fully ‘by into’ the system, franchising can be a very wise decision and a good and sensible route to go down. Not only is it supported by the major banks but it gives you the opportunity to start a business pain free and with the help of someone that knows the market well and who also has your best business interests at heart, as no franchisor will want to see failures.