Chris joined PHG nearly a year ago and here is a Q & A about how he has found running a franchise so far…


Q. When did you start with Pets, Homes and Gardens?
A. February 27th 2015

Q. What motivated you to start a Pets, Homes and Gardens (PHG) franchise?
A. First and foremost a passion for animals and after speaking with Peter it was clear this was the appropriate route to go down

Q. How easy were the first few steps in this new venture?
A. Surprisingly easy – with a bit of organisation and guidance

Q. Tell us a little about the business and how it’s been going?
A. Incredibly well. We had a very busy summer and were expecting it to slow down significantly after September but that hasn’t been the case with a lot more regular business now in place

Q. What do you enjoy most about having your own PHG franchise business?
A. The wonderful variety of animals we care for and of course being my own boss

Q. Since starting out, how easy has it been to raise customer awareness of your business?
A. Very – I am fortunate enough to live within a densely populated area along with helpful clients who have done a lot for me in this regard

Q. How important have Peter and Julie been in the progression of the business?
A. Very – If I ever have any doubts about anything I will ask for help and they are always on hand with a quick and helpful response. The business also wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for the template they have set out

Q. What is biggest personal gain of running your own PHG franchise business?
A. Life quality!

Q. How many hours, on average are you working a week, and do you feel your income is a fair reflection of this?
A. Technically about 50 a week, but it feels a lot less with the nature of the work. Income is definitely fair

Q. What is the most unusual pets have you looked after to date?
A. Only dogs, cats and rabbits so far!

Q. If you had to offer advice to someone considering the PHG franchise opportunity, what would it be?
A. If you don’t feel fully confident in setting up your own business there is no better alternative to working as part of PHG

Lastly- Do you have any other comments you would wish to make, that have not been covered above.
A. Having a wonderful time!!