Your success will be our success.

We know that a ‘Pets, Homes and Gardens’ franchise works brilliantly, we have many people proving this, please see testimonials below and just look at the figures!

We offer our package for your set up costs at just £495.00! Yes just £495.00!

This will include your initial training on one of our acclaimed training courses, you will have your own bespoke website, your own operations manual, alongside complete access to our tried and tested marketing strategies and advertising material. We will also set up and run your crucial ‘online marketing’, which will bring in over 80% of new business enquiries. Also importantly you will become part of The Pets Homes and Gardens network, which is now recognised as representing really high standards within the pet sitting industry.

We don’t forget that we ‘have’ to make you successful to be successful ourselves.


We will provide you with everything that you need to start and grow a successful Pet Sitting business, by just joining our franchise, and all this with just an initial investment of £495.00!

We have taken the hard work, and indeed guess work out of starting a successful pet sitting business. And offer you a fantastic chance to join us here at The Pets, Homes and Gardens!

With so many years of experience in the pet care industry, and a proven business model, we are now offering you an opportunity to join us and change your life for good. In a matter of weeks you could be up and running your own business, knowing our network, help and business support is behind you all the way.


Frequently asked questions regarding a ‘Pets, Homes and Gardens’ franchise

Q. What do I get for my £495.00?

A. You will have our  ‘full induction training’, our comprehensive operations manual, your own bespoke website, your own bespoke branded business logo, a dedicated phone number and full ongoing day to day  business support, including tried and tested marketing strategies and advertising planning, both on and off line.


Q. How can you do this for such a small investment?

A. We understand that once we have set you up in business, your whole life changes, you become empowered and this will help you become more successful. The saving of thousands of pounds on an initial investment will allow you to spend what is crucial on getting your business established. You will become successful, making for a long and happy franchisee/ relationship.


Q. How much can I hope to earn?

A. The business model that we have used for the franchise business, is based upon our own successful pet sitting business run here in Horsham, which we have now firmly established, trading for over eleven years. Our business currently earns between 15k and 20k per annum, part time, however we do have outstanding franchisees earning in excess of 5k per month.

Q. Where do you make your money?

A. As with nearly all franchises, you would pay us through a percentage of your monthly turnover, (9.5% plus vat), however, these payments we think are fair, as we will only get paid if you are successful, and unlike our competitors, with us there is no huge upfront fee, please do compare us to them.

Q. Do I need to be a natural born entrepreneur to do this work?

A. With our comprehensive PHG support, know-how and guidance behind you, no. We will help you maximise all your abilities making you really successful.


Q. What are the main qualities that you will be looking for in a potential franchisee?

A. You will need to be ‘totally’ reliable and ‘absolutely’ trustworthy, you need to really like animals and be keen to learn more about their different care requirements. You must be ready to deliver an ‘exceptional level of customer service’, which is the key for all Pets, Homes and Gardens franchisees.


Q. What qualifications, skills and other money will I need to be accepted as a franchisee?

A.  You do not need any formal qualifications, however, you will need to drive, own a computer and a phone line into your house, and have some good basic IT skills. You will also need to have a CRB check. You will also need some working capital for implementing our initial ‘promotion,marketing and advertising’ plan. We are advising around 1k will be necessary for the first 6 months. However, do remember, just what PT Barnum said Without promotion something terrible happens… nothing”


Q. I am really interested, how do I find out more?

A. This is really the really easy bit!…Please call either Peter or Julie Maxted (01403 268282) from Pet, Homes and Gardens for a chat to see if your required area is free, you can then request an application form, and start looking at a new and exciting future for yourself with us.


Becoming a franchisee with ‘Pets, Homes and Gardens is a fantastic opportunity, Peter and Julie have helped us realise a lifelong dream of becoming business owners, they have guided us to use our knowledge and skills with animals, and have turned these into having a worthwhile and enjoyable career.

The professionalism, training and support is excellent. Peter and Julie imbue confidence at every turn, whilst realising that every person will bring their own unique skill set to the business, and they help maximise this to its full potential. Alongside all this, there is an amazing network of people to call upon for help, which is invaluable.

When you love the work you are doing life is no longer a chore.

Pets, Homes and Gardens (Horley)


My wife and I always wanted to set-up a small business, and joining ‘Pets, Homes and Gardens’ helped provide us with exactly the kind of confidence and support that we needed to get started.

Getting going could not have been easier, the whole process, from training through to launch was totally seamless, and working with Peter and Julie was very enjoyable. Our business lifted off the ground brilliantly, we built a significant customer base and we are confident about continual growth, this year and next. We could not have achieved this without their invaluable help all along the way. Our success is their success and they both work hard to make this happen.

Pets, Homes and Gardens (Surbiton)


I have always had a strong interest in dog and animal care. This was an area I was keen to expand on last year when I had redundancy looming. After looking on the internet at several franchise opportunities, I came across the Pets Homes and Gardens website. When I had read the information I contacted Julie and Peter Maxted to gain further information. This was the best call I could have made. All of my questions were soon answered and any fears that I had regarding starting my own business quickly diminished.

The help, support and guidance offered by Julie and Peter have been exceptional. From my initial enquiry and during the outstanding training Julie and Peter have been there every step of the way. The Marketing Plan and continuous support has made building the business a straight forward venture.

I would just like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to you both and I look forward to a long and happy career working together with you.

Pets, Homes and Gardens-(Plymouth)