The Complete Pet & Home Care Franchise Business

What better way to make a career out of something you love doing?

Why Nigel Fitzimmons decided that starting a pet sitting franchise was the best choice for him. Nigel of PHG Bognor Regis and Chichester, has been running his pet sitting business for a year now, so we thought it would … Continue reading

Boarding of Rabbits – By Julie White who works with Sue Penfold at PHG Crawley and Southwater

I have kept, bred, exhibited and rescued so many rabbits over the last 40 years that I have become quite a specialist and gained the slightly unflattering title of ‘The Rabbit Lady’. I have been an animal fanatic since I … Continue reading

Q & A from Nigel Hookins @ PHG Plymouth

Nigel joined PHG over three years ago and here is a Q & A about how he has found running a franchise so far… Q. When did you start with Pets, Homes and Gardens? A. We started in October 2012. … Continue reading

Q & A from Chris at PHG Stockton-on-Tees

Chris joined PHG nearly a year ago and here is a Q & A about how he has found running a franchise so far…   Q. When did you start with Pets, Homes and Gardens? A. February 27th 2015 Q. … Continue reading

Why become a PHG franchisee?

When it comes to franchising, a lot of people immediately ask themselves the question: Why become a franchisee when you can just start a stand-alone business? Many people think it’s a lot easier to start a stand-alone business because by … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of holding a pet stall at a trade show or a local fete

By Debbie Brownlow of PHG Bolton ( Pet stalls can be held at a variety of locations, gift and craft fairs, local fetes, seasonal fairs, country shows and holiday shows. Prices can vary between £10 – £200 for a place … Continue reading

Sponsoring a vintage tea party and doggy pageant

We were recently asked to be one of the sponsors for a very different type of event, a Vintage Tea Party and Doggy Pageant.  As we knew the organisers, we immediately agreed and sponsored the Most Handsome Hound category. The … Continue reading

Dogs…. Are they as clever as people want to believe?

I often hear people say, “My dog seems  just so intelligent…it is really incredible.” I am always amazed at how many people try and ‘humanise’ a dogs thought process. I do understand why, as they are so loved, as is … Continue reading

Varied life of a pet-sitter

The varied life of a pet-sitter is shown in the story below. We have a regular pet-sit at a local smallholding.  This work has included a variety of animals that we need to look after in the time we have … Continue reading

A Little Green Jacket- Maisie’s Tale

  A little green jacket hangs in the cupboard downstairs.  It isn’t particularly special.  It isn’t a designer jacket.  It isn’t a new jacket but it is totally unique and utterly priceless.  It has served a purpose; in fact many … Continue reading